Call any time for Emergency Pump Service

Call any time for Emergency Pump Service

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Real Estate

Inspections, flow testing and water sample services for buying, selling, or refinancing.

Water System Reports, Diagnostics & Equipment Checks

Well Pump & Water Systems Inspections

Buying, selling, or refinancing a property? We provide a complete and thorough examination of your well pump and water system. Inspections include:

– Written Report for Owner or Buyer

– Well Log Search

– Component Inventory & System Description

– Sanitary Conditions/Hygiene Assessment

– Pump Evaluation/Motor Diagnostic Test

– Treatment Equipment/Mechanical Check

– Pressure Tank Check

– Source Production/Peak Demand Test

– Recommendations

– Optional Laboratory Testing Services


Reports are written using a scale Good / Cautioning / Unsatisfactory. Quotes for recommendations provided upon requested.

Water Sample Testing Services

We provide 3rd party water sample collection services. Most common are;

– Bacteria (E-Coli & Coliform)

– Nitrates

– Nitrites

– Arsenic

– Lead

Other contaminant testing services are available, if not listed please contact us. All samples are taken to a Washington State certified lab.

Well Disinfection Services

Well disinfection services are available on a time and material basis. The process from disinfection to purge can take from 2-6 hour depending upon site conditions. For proper disinfection the technician must have access to the entire water system and its components. For sampling, the water system must be purged completely of chlorine prior to collection. 

Flow Testing Services

On site well pump flow testing services are done on a as needed basis. Common length of time is 1 hour to 4 hour. During the test we collect:

Other contaminants testing services available, if not listed please contact us.

Well Depth


Static Water Level


Flow Rate GPM


Draw Down and Recovery Rate

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Blue Line Water, Inc. provides comprehensive residential and industrial water treatment, purification and pump system services. We service all types and brands of water treatment equipment and pump systems, whether installed by us or someone else.

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