Call any time for Emergency Pump Service

Call any time for Emergency Pump Service

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Residential Treatment

Water treatment systems custom designed for your whole house or point of use.

Complete Water Treatment Systems Installation

At Blue Line Water, we design top of the line water treatment and pump systems. If you have just begun your project or you are seeking to replace or improve your water system, we will guide you through every step of the way.

We design complete water systems from the well to the house. Whether it be for new construction, upgrade existing equipment or adding additional treatment. Water treatment systems for staining, corrosion, odor or bacteria concerns. Some of our options are:


Water Softeners & Filters


Chemical Feed Equipment


Ultraviolet (UV) Systems


Ultrafiltration Systems


Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems


Pressure Tanks


Odor Removal Systems


Storage Tanks & Re-pressurization Packages

Residential Repair & Services

A properly cared for residential water system will help maintain the quality of your system and extend its lifetime providing you years of good, clean water. There are many elements that can go into a well-maintained water system, and every system is different. We provide regular maintenance programs customized to your needs.

Some of our services are:


Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Yearly Services


Water Operator/Management Services


Salt Delivery

Well Pump Systems

See Residential Well & Commerial  pump systems tab.

Our Services

Water Filtration | Purification
Pumps | Technical Services

Blue Line Water, Inc. provides comprehensive residential and industrial water treatment, purification and pump system services. We service all types and brands of water treatment equipment and pump systems, whether installed by us or someone else.

Order Supplies

Order Water Treatment Supplies

Replacement Cartridges
Rust Remover
Solar Salt
Ultraviolet Lamps
Soda Ash

Our Work

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Water Softener, Carbon Filter and Chlorine Injection System Blue Line Water - Pierce, King, Kitsap, Thurston Counties WA
Neutralizer, Softener and Self Cleaning Filter Blue Line Water Kitsap County WA

Your Water is Our Business


Amazing Team. 

The team was amazing, got everything sorted out within a 48 hour span when I wasn’t receiving water to my house. Pump had failed me and they took their time to work with my home warranty and explain the entire process. Nothing better than getting quality work done and also getting to learn about how it works. I have an amazing pump and tank with a new electrical system now but I also know how it all works. Thanks guys.

- Brody Ruby, 5-Star Google Review